Downcity is the literal and metaphorical heart of Providence. As the historic center city retail district, Downcity experienced a post-war decline similar to most American urban cores, as commerce and population fled to the suburbs. We realized the great potential in Downcity’s intact urban fabric and historic architecture, and began a large-scale revitalization in 1991, which continues to this day.  /  »


Guided by plans created by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company in 1991, Cornish has reenergized Providence’s downcity core. In doing so, Cornish is leading efforts to amend city and state policy to encourage the revitalization of the historic buildings and allow investment to return to the urban core in Providence.

Cornish developed the Westminster Lofts, a collection of award winning, magnificently restored historic buildings comprised of just under 300 residential apartments, 40,000 square feet of retail space, and 27,000 square feet of office space. The Westminster Lofts include the Peerless Building, the Smith Building, the Burgess-O’Gorman Building, the Wilkinson Building, the Clemence Building, the Trayne Building and the Alice Building. Cornish Associates is also responsible for the redevelopment of the Harkness Building, the Empire Building and the Biltmore Garage.


Westlo Management, a subsidiary of Cornish Associates, manages all operations of the Westminster Lofts, the Biltmore Garage, and Grant’s Block. From residential leasing to building maintenance, this full service property management team is located in theground floor of the Peerless Building.

We realized the great potential in Downcity’s intact urban fabric and historic architecture.

Street Life

As part of the revitalization of Downcity, Cornish has re-introduced specialty retail shops and restaurants to theneighborhood. As the neighborhood has matured, Cornish continues to playan active role in the growing retaildistrict, partnering with independent retailers and restaurateurs, as well as developing and implementing programming and marketing designed to increase commercial activity in the district, including Movies on the Block and various street fairs. The cooperative neighborhood marketing group, InDowncity operates out of the Cornish Associates office, and utilizes various forms of digital media to connect with locals and tourists alike.