Mashpee Commons


Mashpee Commons was initiated with the goal of creating exemplary mixed-use, commercial, residential, and conservation-oriented projects based upon traditional architectural & land-use principles.  /  »


For many years development throughout New England and specifically throughout Cape Cod has followed an automobile dependant, single use, environmentally taxing and aesthetically unacceptable form, creating socially challenged communities, devoid of all of the attributes of traditional neighborhoods and downtowns. The Master Plan for the neighborhoods of Mashpee Commons serves to prove that the mistakes of the past, do not have to be perpetuated in the future. Mashpee Commons has proven that new growth, involving a mix of uses in a compact form, within walking distance of one another, can in fact create a positive social and environmental influence upon the community and region in which it is located.

The ability to visit the existing neighborhoods, shop, work, to the movies or a restaurant and even to live above the stores is proof that the original goals of the Master Plan have been realized.


All operations, leasing, building and construction management is overseen by Mashpee Commons LP. Mashpee Commons LP is structured around the common goal of creating exemplary mixed used, commercial, residential and conservation-oriented development projects based upon traditional architectural and land-use principles. Their offices are located in The Commons.

It’s become a nationally-recognized example of smart growth and traditional town center development.


Through their focus on both independent merchants and select national retail tenants, and continuous efforts to incorporate the concepts on New Urbanist development, Mashpee Commons has become a nationally and internationally recognized example of smart growth and traditional town center development. Highly attended events throughout the year, focused on creating a sense of community and fun continue to delight seasonal visitors as well as year round neighbors.