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The Boston Globe reports on the latest housing development style, micro-apartments. These small housing units can provide affordable living in expensive downtowns where young workers increasingly want to live:

Housing­-starved cities seek relief in micro-­apartments

Tervalon is the kind of young professional whom San Francisco, Boston, and other growing US cities are struggling to hold on to in an era of skyrocketing housing prices. As more people like her elect to live and work in urban downtowns, city officials are experimenting with construction of tiny​­ dwelling units known as micro­apartments, in the process triggering a housing debate that is ricocheting around the country.

“Now is the time to do this,” [Richard] Taylor [Taylor, director of Suffolk University’s Center for Real Estate] said of micro­housing development, adding that Boston has plenty of building sites, from Dudley Square in Roxbury to East Boston. “There are great opportunities for a public­private partnership that could build something substantial.”

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